Give a monthly live stream gift

Your monthly gift will help us bring live streams of local Denver music to you and countless others. With the current pandemic risks and restrictions, it is becoming more difficult for musicians and venues to make a living. While giving a monthly gift does not put money directly in the pockets of musicians, it helps give them a professional avenue to produce a live stream that can help them generate much needed revenue during these trying times. Your monthly gift goes toward paying for these services and the people who perform them to prop up the infrastructure that makes a live stream possible.

Subscription Options

How else can I support the live music economy?

You can always give a one time gift to our “stream team” or give a gift to an artist during their live stream by clicking on one of the links below. Prefer to give directly to an artist? CLICK HERE to view a list of Venmo and PayPal accounts for the artists that we have so far.