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The Dazzle web team has been working for free since the beginning of the pandemic. Sending a gift to our web team with your credit card will help us continue to bring you quality live streaming and content to the Dazzle website, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel. Giving a gift to the web team is simple! Just choose your desired gift amount and click “Send Your Gift”. Your gifts are greatly appreciated!
You can optionally send a gift to our Bread & Jam program by clicking HERE.

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Gifts sent to artists through gift.dazzledenver.com are processed through Authorize.Net via NorthAmerican Bancard and collected by Artist’s Web InSite or My Denver Web Design. No gifts are collected by or distributed through DazzleJazz Inc.

All gifts sent through gift.dazzledenver.com are subject to a 2.5% processing fee. This processing fee will be collected by My Denver Web Design and used to pay for accounting, bank, and credit card processing fees. In other words, 97.5% of all gifts submitted through gift.dazzledenver.com will be paid out to the person(s) they were intended to support.

DazzleJazz.inc, Artist’s Web InSite, or My Denver Web Design DO NOT receive any fees for gifts sent directly to artists via Venmo, PayPal.me, or any other private forms of money transfer.


All funds submitted and distributed through gift.dazzledenver.com are gifts intended for artists or the web team and are not tax deductible. My Denver Web Design may require documents to prove an artist’s identity at any time in order to release gift funds and may withhold gifts if it believes the an artist or donor is engaged in fraudulent or inappropriate activity regarding this service. Any suspected fraudulent activity will be reported to the appropriate local, state, and/or federal authorities.