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As we get closer to opening up, we are no longer able to manage gifts to artists as we don’t have the staff to monitor it anymore. Please give directly to the artists via their Venmo or PayPal that will be on their live streams. We appreciate your continued patronage and your gifts to artists!
You can optionally send a gift to our streaming team who spent the last year working for free by clicking HERE. OR send a gift to our Bread & Jam program HERE.

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Gifts sent to artists through gift.dazzledenver.com are processed through Authorize.Net via NorthAmerican Bancard and collected by Artist’s Web InSite or My Denver Web Design. No gifts are collected by or distributed through DazzleJazz Inc.

All gifts sent through gift.dazzledenver.com are subject to a 2.5% processing fee. This processing fee will be collected by My Denver Web Design and used to pay for accounting, bank, and credit card processing fees. In other words, 97.5% of all gifts submitted through gift.dazzledenver.com will be paid out to support the live streams they were intended to support.

DazzleJazz.inc, does not receive any fees for gifts sent directly to Dazzle Presents or artists via Venmo, PayPal.me, or any other private forms of money transfer.


Live streams and videos that artists submit to Dazzle Presents theoretically live on our website, Facebook, and YouTube in perpetuity as do comments and links to giving gifts. Gifts for live streams sent through gift.dazzledenver.com will be sent to the artist after Dazzle Presents recoups live stream costs via their communicated preferred form of payment approximately one week after a live stream on the Dazzle Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Gifts received outside of live stream event times will be added to the Dazzle Presents fund to support future live streams.


Artists may at any time request an accounting of any gifts intended for their live stream by writing to info@mydenverwebdesign.com. An accounting of gifts given to other artists is private and will not be disclosed to anyone other than the artist to whom the gift was given, unless compelled to do so by court or government agency order.

My Denver Web Design will attempt to provide any artist with a requested accounting within 2 weeks of requesting documents. My Denver Web Design reserves the right to deny any accounting requests that it deems to be fraudulent or excessive.


All funds submitted and distributed through gift.dazzledenver.com are gifts intended for live streams and artists and are not tax deductible. My Denver Web Design and Artist’s Web InSite are not in the business of profiting from this service and are merely the vehicle for the distribution of said gifts. My Denver Web Design may require documents to prove an artist’s identity at any time in order to release gift funds and may withhold gifts if it believes the artist is engaged in fraudulent or inappropriate activity regarding this service. Any suspected fraudulent activity will be reported to the appropriate local, state, and/or federal authorities.